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HIRANO Die-Coater for Li-Ion Battery Production

The HIRANO die-coater offered by TEXMAC Advanced Technology Group provides high-speed intermittent coating at speeds greater than 40m /min. In conclusion, its high productivity makes it suitable for a large-scale, lithium-Ion battery production system.

What is a Die-Coater?

A die coater is also basically a closed coating method, and it has the advantage of coating stability, allowing for ultra-high precision coating.
For the most part, there are significant variations in the wetting methods and edge shapes for a die coater, which must be determined according to the resin being applied, the substrate, and the coating thickness. Therefore, depending on the fluid characteristics, it is also necessary to achieve optimal conditions including the internal shape.
To determine a die method, it is desirable in most cases to perform not only simulations but verification tests using the actual coating fluid.

Features of the HIRANO Die-Coater for Li-Ion Battery Production

  • Highly accurate coatings
  • Coating method using enclosed liquid supply and pre-metering
  • Operation is constant regardless of working speed
  • Accurate pattern coating is possible at high speed
  • High-quality coating maintained throughout long production runs
  • Accurate, lane, and intermittent pattern coatings
  • HIRANO Comma Coater

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