Yuri roll machine

720kN Ultra High-Pressure Roll Press

720kN High-Pressure Roll Press machines are for compression and rolling. For example, battery electrode materials and circuit board materials.
Therefore, machine specification is according to the customer’s specifications. In particular, a heating type and/or a high-pressure type.


Secondary battery electrode

720kN Roll Press


  • Super high-rigid steel rolls
  • Constant pressure application
  • Steel Highly accurate coatings


  • Compressing electrodes for a secondary battery
  • Compressing special types of substrates

Line Pressure

  • 2, 000 kN/m or more
720kn high-pressure roll press

Machinery and devices:

Calendering and Embossing devices

Important to realize, that we offer various types of calendaring and embossing machines. Therefore, Calendering machines glaze paper, cloth, and so on. In particular, to enhance smoothness and density, and an even thickness. Another key point, embossing machines add value to paper, film, metal foil, steel plates, or other base materials by adding irregularities to give them design and functionality.

Super Calendering

Applications: Art paper, coated paper, glassine paper, etc.

Soft Calendering

Applications: Coated paper etc.

Embossing machine

Applications: Art paper, coated paper, special paper, etc.

Laminator devices

A laminator (laminating device) inserts base materials between rollers to continuously join two or more base materials and produce a product. For example, high-temperature lamination up to 400°C. To emphasize, embossing treatment (grooves and ridges), depending on the application. Specifically, a high-temperature laminator for flexible printed circuit boards

Applications: Lamination of polyamide film and copper foil.

Roll press devices

In fact, roll press devices insert base materials between rolls to compress and roll them. Therefore, roll press machines are for various types of purposes including printed circuit boards and so on in addition to base materials for battery electrodes. To point out, our rolling can accommodate a variety of specifications such as heated types and ultra-high-pressure types.

Electrode press device (720kN type)

Applications: Secondary battery electrodes